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6 New JavaScript features

This chapter lists what’s new in recent ECMAScript versions – in reverse chronological order. It ends before ES6 (ES2015): ES2016 was the first truly incremental release of ECMAScript – which is why ES6 has too many features to list here. If you want to get a feeling for earlier releases:

6.1 New in ECMAScript 2024

6.2 New in ECMAScript 2023

6.3 New in ECMAScript 2022

6.4 New in ECMAScript 2021

6.5 New in ECMAScript 2020

6.6 New in ECMAScript 2019

These ES2019 features are beyond the scope of this book:

6.7 New in ECMAScript 2018

6.8 New in ECMAScript 2017

6.9 New in ECMAScript 2016

6.10 Source of this chapter

ECMAScript feature lists were taken from the TC39 page on finished proposals.