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Dr. Axel Rauschmayer specializes in JavaScript and web development. He teaches classes for Ecmanauten and blogs at 2ality.com.

Axel has been writing about ECMAScript 6 since early 2011.

Praise for “Exploring ES6”

I’ve been feeling like I was behind the curve with ES6, so I was happy to see @rauschma’s “Exploring ES6” on Leanpub. I loved his prior book, “Speaking JavaScript”, so I had high hopes for this one and it hasn’t dissapointed me.

After skimming a few sections, I decided to dive in head first and do some live learning for my WatchMeCode screencasts, recording myself as I tried out ES6 features. It’s been great! I’ve picked up a lot of new features and syntax from reading the book, and I’m having a blast learning in front of an audience. :)

If you’re looking to learn the next version of JavaScript and all its new syntax and features, there are two things that you must have: Babel, the compiler for next gen JavaScript features, and Dr. Axel Rauschmayer’s “Exploring ES6” book! This pair is a perfect match.

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