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Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Blogger (2ality), book author, trainer
All of the books are free to read online! You can also buy offline versions.

Versions of JavaScript

“ES” stands for “ECMAScript” (ES6 is ECMAScript 6, etc.).

JavaScript books

Book cover JavaScript for impatient programmers (ES1–ES2019)   New
  • A modern guide to the language
  • No required knowledge (apart from programming)
  • More compact than my other books, which go into more detail
Book cover Speaking JavaScript (ES1–ES5)
  • JavaScript for programmers
  • No required knowledge (apart from programming)
Book cover Exploring ES6
  • Covers what’s new in ES6 (relative to ES5)
Book cover Exploring ES2016 and ES2017
  • Covers what’s new in ES2016 and ES2017 (relative to ES6)
Book cover Exploring ES2018 and ES2019   New
  • Covers what’s new in ES2018 and ES2019 (relative to ES2017)

Books related to JavaScript

About the author

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer specializes in JavaScript and web development. He blogs, writes books and teaches classes.

Axel has been writing about the future of JavaScript since early 2011.

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