Shell scripting with Node.js
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1 About this book

This chapter helps you decide whether or not this book is of interest to you.

1.1 Why should I read this book?

This book is about shell scripting with Node.js. You will learn:

1.2 What knowledge is required to read this book?

You should be familiar with JavaScript – especially:

My book on JavaScript, “JavaScript for impatient programmers” is free to read online:

1.3 Buying and previewing this book

1.3.1 How can I buy this book?

You can buy a package with ebooks. They come in these formats (all without DRM):

1.3.2 How can I preview the book?

1.4 About the author

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer specializes in JavaScript and web development. He has been developing web applications since 1995. In 1999, he was technical manager at a German internet startup that later expanded internationally. In 2006, he held his first talk on Ajax. In 2010, he received a PhD in Informatics from the University of Munich.

Since 2009, he has been blogging about web development at and has written several books on JavaScript. He has held trainings and talks for companies such as eBay, Bank of America, and O’Reilly Media.

He lives in Munich, Germany.

1.5 Acknowledgements