Tackling TypeScript
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1 About this book

1.1 Where is the homepage of this book?

The homepage of “Tackling TypeScript” is exploringjs.com/tackling-ts/

1.2 What is in this book?

This book consists of two parts:

This book is not a reference, it is meant to complement the official TypeScript handbook.

Required knowledge: You must know JavaScript. If you want to refresh your knowledge: My book “JavaScript for impatient programmers” is free to read online.

1.3 What do I get for my money?

If you buy this book, you get:

1.4 How can I preview the content?

On the homepage of this book, there are extensive previews for all versions of this book.

1.5 How do I report errors?

1.6 What do the notes with icons mean?

  Reading instructions

Explains how to best read the content (in which order, what to omit, etc.).

  External content

Points to additional, external, content.

  Git repository

Mentions a relevant Git repository.


Gives a tip.


Asks and answers a question (think FAQ).


Warns about a pitfall, etc.


Provides additional details, similar to a footnote.

1.7 Acknowledgements

People who contributed to this book are acknowledged in the chapters.