JavaScript for impatient programmers (ES2022 edition)
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6 Using JavaScript: the big picture

In this chapter, I’d like to paint the big picture: what are you learning in this book, and how does it fit into the overall landscape of web development?

6.1 What are you learning in this book?

This book teaches the JavaScript language. It focuses on just the language, but offers occasional glimpses at two platforms where JavaScript can be used:

Node.js is important for web development in three ways:

6.2 The structure of browsers and Node.js

Figure 2: The structure of the two JavaScript platforms web browser and Node.js. The APIs “standard library” and “platform API” are hosted on top of a foundational layer with a JavaScript engine and a platform-specific “core”.

The structures of the two JavaScript platforms web browser and Node.js are similar (fig. 2):

6.3 JavaScript references

When you have a question about a JavaScript, a web search usually helps. I can recommend the following online sources:

6.4 Further reading