JavaScript for impatient programmers (ES2022 edition)
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1 Before you buy the book

1.1 About the content

1.1.1 What’s in this book?

This book makes JavaScript less challenging to learn for newcomers by offering a modern view that is as consistent as possible.


No prior knowledge of JavaScript is required, but you should know how to program.

1.1.2 What is not covered by this book?

1.1.3 Isn’t this book too long for impatient people?

There are several ways in which you can read this book. One of them involves skipping much of the content in order to get started quickly. For details, see §2.1.1 “In which order should I read the content in this book?”.

1.2 Previewing and buying this book

1.2.1 How can I preview the book, the exercises, and the quizzes?

Go to the homepage of this book:

1.2.2 How can I buy a digital version of this book?

There are two digital versions of JavaScript for impatient programmers:

The home page of this book describes how you can buy them.

1.2.3 How can I buy the print version of this book?

The print version of JavaScript for impatient programmers is available on Amazon.

1.3 About the author

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer specializes in JavaScript and web development. He has been developing web applications since 1995. In 1999, he was technical manager at a German internet startup that later expanded internationally. In 2006, he held his first talk on Ajax. In 2010, he received a PhD in Informatics from the University of Munich.

Since 2011, he has been blogging about web development at and has written several books on JavaScript. He has held trainings and talks for companies such as eBay, Bank of America, and O’Reilly Media.

He lives in Munich, Germany.

1.4 Acknowledgements

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