Praise for Speaking JavaScript
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Praise for Speaking JavaScript

“A lot of people think JavaScript is simple and in many cases it is. But in its elegant simplicity lies a deeper functionality that if leveraged properly, can produce amazing results. Axel’s ability to distill this into an approachable reference will certainly help both aspiring and experienced developers achieve a better understanding of the language.”

Rey Bango Advocate for cross-browser development, proponent of the open web, and lover of the JavaScript programming language

“Axel’s writing style is succinct, to the point, yet at the same time extremely detailed. The many code examples make even the most complex topics in the book easy to understand.”

Mathias Bynens Belgian web standards enthusiast who likes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unicode, performance, and security

"Speaking JavaScript is a modern, up to date book perfectly aimed at the existing experienced programmer ready to take a deep dive into JavaScript. Without wasting time on laborious explanations, Dr. Rauschmayer quickly cuts to the core of JavaScript and its various concepts and gets developers up to speed quickly with a language that seems intent on taking over the developer world.”

Peter Cooper Publisher, entrepreneur, and co-organizer of Fluent Conference

“If you have enjoyed Axel’s blog, then you’ll love this book. His book is filled with tons of bite-sized code snippets to aid in the learning process. If you want to dive deep and understand the ins and outs of JavaScript, then I highly recommend this book.”

Elijah Manor Christian, family man, and front end web developer for Dave Ramsey; enjoys speaking, blogging, and tweeting

“This book opens the door into the modern JavaScript community with just enough background and plenty of in-depth introduction to make it seem like you’ve been with the community from the start.”

Mitch Pronschinske DZone Editor

“After following Dr. Axel Rauschmayer’s work for a few years, I was delighted to learn that he was writing a book to share his deep expertise of JavaScript with those getting started with the language. I’ve read many JavaScript books, but none that show the attention to detail and comprehensiveness of Speaking JS, without being boring or overwhelming. I’ll be recommending this book for years to come.”

Guillermo Rauch Speaker, creator of, mongoose, early Node.js contributor, author of “Smashing Node.js”, founder of LearnBoost/Cloudup (acq. by Wordpress in 2013), and Open Academy mentor

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