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Short TOC

What you need to know about this book
About the author

I. Background

1. About ECMAScript 6 (ES6)
2. FAQ: ECMAScript 6
3. One JavaScript: avoiding versioning in ECMAScript 6
4. Core ES6 features

II. Data

5. New number and Math features
6. New string features
7. Symbols
8. Template literals
9. Variables and scoping
10. Destructuring
11. Parameter handling

III. Modularity

12. Callable entities in ECMAScript 6
13. Arrow functions
14. New OOP features besides classes
15. Classes
16. Modules

IV. Collections

17. The for-of loop
18. New Array features
19. Maps and Sets
20. Typed Arrays
21. Iterables and iterators
22. Generators

V. Standard library

23. New regular expression features
24. Asynchronous programming (background)
25. Promises for asynchronous programming

VI. Miscellaneous

26. Unicode in ES6
27. Tail call optimization
28. Metaprogramming with proxies
29. Coding style tips for ECMAScript 6
30. An overview of what’s new in ES6

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